National Bible Week

Today marks the beginning of Bible week in Jonesboro.

((Tim Ross: A special week? That's good I guess... it's been a life for me))

((Heather Flanigan: Religious leaders in Jonesboro are excited that the Mayor has declaired this week Bible week.))

((Jimmy Adcox, Minister: Anything that calls attention to the importance of the bible to people's lives I think is a great thing. It's filled with good news that can change people's lives and give them a sense of direction and meaning and purpose, so I'm happy about that.))

Members at the Southwest church of Christ were glad to hear about the newest city proclamation.

Debbie Cook said that she enjoyed reading the bible for spiritual guidance.

((Debbie Cook: The bible is just a wonderful way to get to know God on a personal level, and it's just a springboard on a one-on-one relationship with God and his son))

In Jonesboro, with photojournalist Laura Gunter, I'm Heather Flanigan for K8 news.