DeLay Quits GOP Post, Opening Way for Rockefeller

November 24, 2003 - Posted at 8:18 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The path has been opened for Lieutenant Governor Winthrop Rockefeller to become chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party.

Acting chairman Gunner DeLay quit the post over the weekend.  DeLay says he wants Rockefeller to step in before party members meet for a vote December 6, but Rockefeller's office says procedural rules would prevent that.

DeLay was named to the job on an interim basis after Marty Ryall quit as chairman last month.  Ryall left as the party said it was more than $300,000 in the red.  The party is negotiating with the Federal Election Commission over a fine relating to recent campaign violations uncovered in an FEC audit.

Governor Huckabee has said Rockefeller would be the best choice for party chairman.

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