Updated Arkansas atlas available from the AGFC

Updated Arkansas atlas now available from the AGFC

LITTLE ROCK AGFC)  – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has teamed up with DeLorme, the nation's foremost atlas company, to deliver the ultimate outdoors enthusiast's reference.

The latest edition of the Arkansas Atlas and Gazetteer includes every inch of public land in Arkansas, as well as every public boat access and campsite the AGFC has to offer. The atlas even includes a section devoted to family-friendly outings, including hiking trails, rivers and streams for paddling, museums and state parks to get kids started on the right path to the outdoors.

The atlas contains 132 pages and is printed in color on 11x15½ inches pages. Set against topographical lines, the colorful grids include highways, county roads, streams, wildlife management areas, state parks, national parks, national forests, lakes, boat ramps and much more.

Several pages offer information about hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, paddling, natural features, family outings, recreation areas and campgrounds. Also included is a huge list of place names. It's a crucial collection of information for anyone who seeks adventure in Arkansas.

By now, you're wondering how to get your hands on this new publication. It's easy. Visit http://tinyurl.com/AGFCAtlas or call 501-223-6352 to order for $23 (shipping included). It's available for walk-in purchase at AGFC headquarters, regional offices and nature centers for $20.