Labor Day could be a cool, wet one

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's hard to believe the first meteorological day of fall was yesterday.

If you have gone outside recently, you would think it was still summer.

It was still very hot on both Thursday and Friday, but we are expecting the month of September to bring more rain and cooler temperatures.

With Labor Day approaching, this hot weather pattern is shifting. The jet stream, shown by the blue arrows, will continue to move closer to Region 8. As it does, we'll see milder temperatures and more rain.

The jet stream is the dividing line between the cool air to the north and the hot weather to the south. This jet stream and shortening days are hints that fall is just around the corner.

Local outdoor enthusiasts in Craighead Forest Park spent the day enjoying the hot weather by biking, hiking, and fishing.

Bob Storey was feeding the ducks with his family and loves the idea spending his three-day weekend with cooler temperatures. "We'll probably do the normal grilling out, spend some time with the family and just enjoy the weather. I don't think it (rain) would hurt our feelings, the water bill's been kind of high keeping the yard green. So we'd appreciate some rain around here."

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