No Federal Funding Won't Stop Valley View

November 24, 2003 -- Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- The Valley View School District has some of the highest scores in Northeast Arkansas, however, they are also the only school in the state that receives no federal funding.

Region 8 News meet with Superintendent Dr. Radius H. Baker of the district and learned that the school does not receive funding for programs such as free-lunch.

Part of the federal funding for schools is based on a three-in-ten poverty level....Baker says Valley View does have students that meet this criteria.

"It depends on which ten you pull. It's a random selection of ten individuals that they can check to see what their financial status it," said Baker.

The missing federal dollars make quiet an impact on the school, but Baker says they are doing everything they can in order to get those needs met for his students.

June Horne, the Valley View Counselor, said, "After we lost our Title I money this years that took away a lot of the services to the children that would normally have those services, and so we had an opportunity to write a grant."

The school received a grant for $10,000, which helps fund an after-school tutoring program. The grant also pays for two certified teachers to supervise the program, workshops for volunteers, snacks and the transportation of children home.

Horne, who helped write the grant, said the school was in the process of getting parent's centers developed in each building. Horne also said that the purpose of the grant was to give high school and junior big students a chance to learn and serve at the same time. Teachers work hard to make sure that children have the best learning environment possible, and the month old program is making process...

"We have had several teachers tell us that they've seen a big difference already in their students," said Horne.