Local post offices on the chopping block, some fighting back

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) – The post office in Hoxie is on the proposed United States Postal Service chopping block and the town is going through the red tape to fight the closing.

"It would be a real inconvenience," says longtime postal customer Juanita Madden.

If the Hoxie office closes, then patrons would have to go into Walnut Ridge to pickup mail it is 1.5 miles from the Hoxie Post Office to the Walnut Ridge Post office.  Juanita Madden says  she isn't in favor of that at all.

Madden, "Wouldn't be nearly as convenient  as this one is cause I just live about a mile away from here and I would have to drive all the way up there."

The post office, like many businesses is losing money. It may cost more to keep an office open than the income it generates. Last year the post office lost 8 Billion dollars in revenue and is expecting to lose the same amount this year.

In July the city was notified by the Postal Service that Hoxie would consolidate with Walnut Ridge. Hoxie City Clerk Katie Smith said this would make it difficult for many people.

Smith, "A lot of elderly people that still use post office boxes, they don't use home delivery. Some of them aren't even able to walk to a box at their home."

The city has filed a protest with the postal commission who now needs more specific information.

Smith, "We will have to go through and get more paperwork to them." Smith said initially the first protest was made simply by a letter from the mail. Now they are having to gather statements from patrons to send in. Last year a questionnaire was passed out to Hoxie patrons. Of the 1700 distributed on 240 came back with 97 favorable to combining both post offices.

Jeff Passalaqua is a daily customer. He gets some mail at home but most of his mail he receives at his post office box.

Passalaqua, "I just really like this post office, the workers are friendly and like I said it's just real convenient."

Like everything else in business it will all depend on the money.

Smith, "I hope that I can keep coming here to this one."

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