Are We There Yet?

November 25, 2003 -- Posted at 6:15 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, Ark. -- "Are we there yet?" It's the forbidden phrase of all car trips, and it's especially bad this time of year. The Thanksgiving holiday means that many familys will soon be on the road.

Aimee Spencer of Jonesboro plans on taking her family to Alabama for this year's turkey day...and she is not about to put up with the nagging question of "Are we there yet?"

"Everyone is only allowed to ask 'are we there yet' three times. That's it and we remind've only got one more time!" said Spencer.

Spencer's husband and their two children won't have to work too hard to keep themselves entertained this holiday weekend...they have a DVD player in their suburban.

"It saves my life," laughed Spencer.

By packing healthy snack foods and plenty of blankets and pillows, Spencer makes sure the kids are comfortable during the six-hour car ride to Alabama. The family also plays games, sings and reads during the long trip.

Kay Taylor of the Craighead County Public Library says that this time of year is busy for family checkouts.

"Several families have said that when they travel they like to check out books and take them along. Lots of activities in the car can help pass time," said Taylor.

If your child gets car sick while reading, one alternative is books-on-tape.

Taylor said, "Some of the books on tape last for several hours and there are several different titles that appeal to the pre-schoolers through the high schoolers. Many of the parents enjoy the tapes too."

But getting to your destination is just half the battle. After you've enjoyed the food and the family, there's still the dreaded car ride home.

Spencer said her family has a tough time on the way home.

"The trip back is never as fun. It seems like everybody is in more trouble on the way back. Everybody has less patience, but also everybody is a little bit more fatigued and tired and just ready to get back home and into their own bed."

Having something to look forward to can make the journey home a little less painful suggested Spencer.

"We look forward to making sure that when we get back there's an activity to do or there's something special in the fridge...we always like to see our cat again."

Coming home is always better when there is someone waiting for you.