$2000 In reward money being offered.

Issac Whitaker III (photo courtesy of J.P.D.)
Issac Whitaker III (photo courtesy of J.P.D.)
Clifford E. Janeway (photo courtesy of J.P.D.)
Clifford E. Janeway (photo courtesy of J.P.D.)

Two crimes, up to $2000 in reward money for the right tips. The crimes are similar, the victims believe it could be the work of the same people.

Crime number one: KEG Enterprises on the bypass in jonesboro. Sometime over the weekend of November 15, someone climbed the fence, and stole four rims. The rims are valued at over $1500. The management of KEG Enterprises wants some justice, and they are willing to pay for it. KEG Enterprises is offering up to $1000 of it's own money for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible for this theft. If you have the right tip, and want that money, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 935-STOP.

The same type of crime happened across town at A-State Auto Salvage. In this case, they took two, 350 horse power V-8 engines. Then, they wiped out the interior of a GMC truck. They stole the seats and stereo. The value of the stolen equipment, over $3000. The owners of A-State are just as anxious as KEG Enterprises to have their case solved, and they too are putting up $1000 of their own money for the right tip. If you have that tip, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP. Don't be afraid to call, we will protect your identity.

This week's WARRANT WATCH suspects have stacked up some serious bonds:


  • 5 Non-Payment of Fines Warrants
  • $1,185 Cash Bond


  • 24 Fail to Appear Warrants
  • $5,000 Cash Bond

If you have the tip to lead police to CLIFFORD JANEWAY or ISAAC WHITAKER III, call CRIMESTOPPERS: 935-STOP. You can also call toll free, 888-566-STOP. Remember, when you see crime, call CRIMESTOPPERS 935-STOP.