Falls brings cooler temperatures and allergies

JONESBORO (KAIT) - It's that time of year when the waiting room at the doctor's office begins to fill with those suffering from allergies.

After a long, hot summer we are finally seeing cooler temperatures move into Region 8.

But while some are enjoying the nice weather, others are beginning to suffer from allergies.

Nurse Practitioner Sarah Hogan tells us why they are flaring up.

"Well with the change in the weather, the pollen counts are high. The trees, the grass. People are outside more with it being nice. And this is just the time of year we start to see the allergies with the kids starting back to school, and the change in the weather."

Doctors say it's not the change in temperature that causes illness, it's the change in our immune system.

Nurse Hogan says that you can boost your overall health by getting a flu shot for the upcoming fall and winter.

As far as allergies are concerned, you just have to take medication and tough it out.

"You can treat it at home if it's just general watery eyes, runny nose, a dry, pesky cough with an itchy throat. And over the counter antihistamines work fine. If it goes on for more than a week to ten days and you start having a productive cough, fever, certainly you'll want to call your primary care physician and be seen."

Sarah encourages everyone to take Vitamin C supplements such as "Emergen-C" and "Airborne".

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