Filling-up for Turkey Day Travel

November 26, 2003 -- Posted at 10:45pm

JONESBORO, AR - This weekend is the busiest travel time of the year. Around 36 million people are expected to make their way to places at least 50 miles from their homes this Thanksgiving.

Drivers a dishing out 11 cents more per gallon of gas this year compared to last, but prices are noticeably lower now than they were a few days ago. The average national price for regular unleaded is $1.51. At least one station in Jonesboro was asking drivers to pay $1.32.

When asked if he pays attention to gas prices, Buddy Henley said, "Sure you have to if it gets too high, but right now it's back down to where it's not too bad."

Henley traveled from Batesville to Marion. Todd Lacefield went to Mount Pleasant for a hunting trip. He spent around $37.00 to fill up his truck with gas. Lacefield said gas prices didn't affect his decision to go.

"Not really. If you've gotta go, you've gotta go," he said.

Robert Coleman returned to Jonesboro from Batesville after an early holiday celebration.

"In the real small towns, it was like as high as $1.49 a gallon," explained Coleman.

His gas tank was on 'E', but he took a chance in order to fill up in Jonesboro where fuel was cheaper. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration leaders estimate the lower gas prices will mean higher amounts of vehicles on the roadways. Robert Coleman noticed highways already filling up.