Twelve teachers sent to the slammer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Teachers were arrested right and left at one Region 8 school on Friday.

Twelve educators from the Health and Wellness Environmental Studies School in Jonesboro were sent to the slammer in an effort to raise money for their school.

Principal Tracie Hiller, "Teachers and staff members are locked up for a period of time throughout the day and the students have all brought donations to help bail them out."

Hiller says the kids are getting a lot out of participating in this project.

"They feel like they're part of something bigger than just themselves. They see it takes not just teachers to make a school great, but it's the students working with the teachers, working with parents, working with the community and it's a big family atmosphere that we've create here."

Hiller says they couldn't do all that they want without the support of their parents.

"Our parent organization is vital, especially in this time when school budgets are being cut. And we really rely on our parent organization for a lot of the necessary things that get cut our of our budget."

The money earned from this event will be used to purchase such things as weekly readers and chairs for the children.

Hiller says they also used this fundraiser as an opportunity to bring creative lessons into the classroom, such as writing projects.

The teachers were guilty of numerous crimes.

According to Hiller, one teacher ate too much candy and Hiller herself was arrested for leaving too many lights on in the school building after hours.

For more information about the Health and Wellness Environmental Studies Magnet School, log onto their website.

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