More Than 70 Jacksons Come Home for the Holidays

The Jackson family is headed home for the holidays.  Fern Woodsmall says one of the final wishes of her parents was for her family to always celebrate Thanksgiving together.  Something she says they are still doing thirty years later.

This year over seventy relatives converged on the small northeast Arkansas town of Leachville.  In the past they say well over one hundred people have shown up for the day's festivities.  Ages ranged from just born infants to 89 year old Edna Burten.

While everyone is excited to see their loved ones, R.D. Jackson says there is a bad part of having such a large family.  He cant remember everyones name.  Something one family memeber has found a solution for.  After getting married herself, a great great granddaughter named her son Jackson after the family name.

This year there were 27 grandkids, 53 great, 37 great great, and even 2 great great great grandchildren.

The family also says it is tough to keep so many family members involved.  They found the solution on the internet with their very own web page.

The Jackson family says they hope to have all five generations back for next year.