Day After Thanksgiving NOT Busiest Shopping Day

November 28, 2003 -- Posted at: 11:30pm

JONESBORO, AR - On the day after Thanksgiving each year, shoppers dart out the door at the crack of dawn, hoping to find big bargains. They see too many people, the lines are too long and shoppers are very short tempered. After experiencing all of that, shoppers would likely agree, the day after Thanksgiving has to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

"The sales today are really good, so that's why I wanted to come out, but I don't know if it's worth all of the fighting and scuffling you have to do to get to them," said Lynn Goad.

Research by the International Council of Shopping Centers shows this day of sales is not the most profitable. In fact, during the last 6 years, that day has been the Saturday before Christmas.

"I think most men, especially, I think forget what their wife wants, their girlfriend, their children, and hopefully they'll hear the very last minute things of what they need that people haven't bought, so they'll go get it then," said Keith Goad, Lynn's husband.

The day after Thanksgiving ranks on average the 6th busiest shopping day of the year. This may be the first and last time the Goad go searching for gifts among crowds of gift-getters.

"From now on I'll start shopping in August, and avoid it all together," said Lynn Goad.

The ICSC study followed shopping center trends, not all stores, so the numbers may vary somewhat.