Toy Safety For Kids

November 30, Posted at 4:46 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - Everyone knows that holiday shopping for the kids definitely means toys!

So how do you know what is safe for your youngster?

Richard Jernigan of J. Christopher Toys store says there are a few simple guidelines for buying a toy for any child.

((Richard Jernigan,/J. Christopher Toys Store: Read the box, it should say what year... normally, you have to be a little open minded about the safety on a box, but sometimes the pieces may say for not under three and actually the toy, a two year old could do it very well, but I think you need adult guidance and customer service could help you too. We know what will work and what won't. Just use a little common sense.))

((Heather Flanigan: Consumer safety is always important for parents when shopping for Christmas toys and the owners here at J. Christopher Toys have some advice.))

((Jill Jernigan, J./Christopher Toys Store: For children under three years old, there is an easy test that parents can do. If you take a tube the size of a roll of toilet paper center, if a toy can go through that, it is not safe for a small child under three.))

When shopping for your little ones, look for sturdy construction, and well-sewn seams on stuffed animals and cloth dolls.

Be sure that eyes, noses, ribbons, buttons and other decorative items can't break or be pulled off.

Jean Quallis is shopping for her grandchildren and says she watches out for their safety, when she chooses toys.

((Jean Quallis/Holiday shopper: Anything that may fall off of the toy or come apart or that may pinch their fingers or anything that may be toxic or highly flammable))

When choosing a toy as a gift, be sure to keep the child in mind.

Just because there is a minimum age on a toy, that doesn't always mean that every child is mature enough to use it.

((Jill Jernigan, J./Christopher Toys Store: You have to be careful about age appropriateness, usually your box will reflect that and have information about the toy.))

In Jonesboro, I'm Heather Flanigan for K8 news.