La Nina is expected to return this winter

Everyone remembers the big ice storm of 2009 that left many Region 8 residents without electricity for weeks.

So what can we expect this year?

Fortunately, this upcoming winter is expected to be a milder one.

But emergency planners are taking no chances.

"We're looking at this winter. After this long, hot summer a lot of people don't want to think about winter. But it's not that far away and now is the time to start preparing."

Forecasters are expecting La Nina to return for the second straight year.

But don't blame La Nina for all of last year's wild winter weather, other larger factors came into play for a white Christmas.

La Nina occurs every three to five years when a strong high pressure steers the jet stream over the northern half of the U.S.

Which means the northwestern states get a cooler, wetter winter while warmer, drier weather sets up over the southeast.

Moore is familiar with this pattern and is looking forward to a dry season.

"The heat's not going to be like it was, but it's going to carry on into later fall."

And warm, dry weather should continue from fall into winter, however, a snowstorm or two cannot be ruled out.

Moore is getting his troops together just in case.

"Everybody should start thinking right now. Is your vehicle in good shape? Is it serviced? is it winter-ized?"

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