Jonesboro city officials work on new ward boundaries

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Employees of the city of Jonesboro worked on redrawing the ward boundaries on Wednesday.

Because of the 2010 Census, the ward boundaries must be redrawn to reflect Jonesboro's current population and they must be done so before the next election. The next election isn't until May 2012, but the city got a jump start on the process with Wednesday's meeting.

Mayor Harold Perrin said redrawing the boundaries will help the city down the road when it applies for grants. He said it will also benefit the citizens of Jonesboro by allowing them to learn more about the area in which they live.

"They can pull up and see exactly what ward they're in and even see who represents them. It'll be on the map, click on there, it'll have their alderman and information on the map," Perrin said. "So that's a good communication tool and keeps the information out to the public."

According to City Clerk, Donna Jackson, after the ward boundaries are approved, they will go before the public.

"It will be read on three separate meetings so if there's any questions or anything that needs to be done in advance, it gives the public a chance to review it," Jackson said.

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