Survey Shows Jonesboro Residents Satisfied with Quality of Life

December 1, 2003 -- Posted at 9:00pm

JONESBORO, AR - After months of research, phone calls and compiling of data, Arkansas State University students and their professors can show with 95% accuracy that Jonesboro residents enjoy their quality of life here.

The Center for Social Research spoke with 417 residents aged 18 years or older via a random dialing system from October 18 to October 28. They were asked to give their opinions on public transportation, attitudes towards local government, perceptions of quality of life, perceptions of public safety and attitudes toward alcohol and tobacco policy.

How strongly would you opppose or suport a public transportation system in Jonesboro?     72.7% support or strongly support

A public transportation system would increase economic development.     68.1% agree or strongly agree

There is too much traffic congestion in Jonesboro.     66.9% agree or strongly agree

Traffic     53.5% very dissatisfied or dissatisfied, 30.4% satisfied or very satisfied

City planning     46.5% satisfied or very satisfied, 35.9% neutral

Local government     50.8% satisfied or very satisfied, 31.9% neutral

Mayor Hubert Brodell     41.4% satisfied or very satisfied, 38.1% neutral

Quality of the environment     83.4% satisfied or very satisfied

Health care     74.6% satisfied or very satisfied

Economic opportunities     62.2% satisfied or very satisfied, 21.9% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied

City parks and green spaces     62.7% satisfied or very satisfied, 23.4% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied

Recreational opportunity     46.8% satisfied or very satisfied, 37.2% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied

Cultural opportunities     54.1% satisfied or very satisfied, 24.9% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied

Police department     69.1% satisfied or very satisfied, 16.8% neutral

How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?     86.3% safe or very safe

Have you or someone you live with been a victim of a crime in the past 12 months?     85.6% no

Does your neighborhood have a community policing program?     72.8% no

How strongly would you support or oppose Jonesboro becoming a wet city? (alcoholic beverages may be sold at liquor stores, grocery stores, gas stations and other outlets)     45% oppose or strongly oppose, 44% support or strongly support

Liquor should not be sold in liquor stores, gas stations and other outlets.     46% disagree or strongly disagree, 45% agree or strongly agree

Alcohol should be prohibited within the City of Jonesboro?     57% disagree or strongly disagree, 33% agree or strongly agree

Liquor should only be sold in private clubs for on-premise consumption.     56% disagree or strongly disagree, 34% agree or strongly agree

Restaurants, hotels and convention centers should be able to sell liquor by the drink.     54% agree or strongly agree, 37% disagree or strongly disagree

How strongly would you oppose or support an ordinance to make public places smoke-free in Jonesboro?     64.2% support or strongly support, 24.5% oppose or strongly oppose