New tornado alley could reach into Region 8's backyard

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - The friendly town of Marmaduke has seen more than its share of devastating twisters. One in nineteen-ninety-nine and another in two-thousand-six. You have to look hard, but the scars are still visible.

Five-year Marmaduke resident Courtni Berry and her grandmother were fortunate enough to escape with no injuries and their house intact, but she was still affected by the devastation surrounding her.

"I mean, that's stuff you can never get back. So I think people are still hurting from it."

Today, the sirens are an eerie reminder of just how quickly the weather can turn. Courtni remembers that exact moment.

"All of a sudden, the sky just went black."

That story rings all too familiar across the state. Arkansas is in the top 18 percent of states in tornado coverage per ten-thousand square miles. Those totals are higher than Texas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. That means each yellow box sees, on average, nine tornadoes per year.

After disasters such as this, the good folks of Region 8 do the only thing that makes sense; they get right up again and dust themselves off.

"People helped each other pick up debris, clean up houses. The town was there for each other and that was awesome."

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