Poplar Bluff man retires after nearly 70 years on the job

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - A Poplar Bluff man worked his last day at Riggs in Poplar Bluff after nearly 7-decades on the job.

U.L. Smith started working at Riggs as a high school student 69-years-ago.

He says the fact that he doesn't have to go to work tomorrow hasn't sunk in yet, but he'll find something else to do with all of his free time.

Smith says the hardware business is in his blood, and never considered working anywhere else after all those years because of the people he dealt with on a daily basis.

"Meeting the people has been the most successful part of my business," said Smith. "That's what I've made my life with is people. But, I've tried to take care of myself, tried to treat the people like I want to be treated and so far it's worked out good for me."

Congratulations, Mr. Smith, you've earned some time off!

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