ASU's Bilijana Milosevska wins title at KU Invitational

LAWRENCE, Kan. (ASU) — The Arkansas State women's tennis team wrapped up play at the Kansas Invitational by winning nine of its 12 matches played on Sunday and capturing an indivdual singles title in the process.

Bilijana Milosevska won a singles title by defeating Brooke Urzendowski (Saint Louis) 7-6, 2-6, 10-0 in the Singles D Draw, while freshman Mariana Rong took home third-place in the Singles A Draw by defeating Karen Hernandez (Kansas) 8-4. Ceara Howey finished second in the Singles G Draw after losing to Charlotte (Washington State) 6-2, 7-5.

"I'm really proud of Bilijana for winning her flight," ASU tennis coach Marina Engelbrecht said. "I think that is a great achievement, especially since she had that win over Kentucky and Washington State, which are two great teams. I thought Mariana did great getting third-place in her first tournament. For a freshman to go out in the first flight and take home third-place is a great achievement."

All matches were played on indoor courts due to heavy rain in the area. Matches started at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning and concluded just after 6 p.m. Sunday night.

In other single's action Tamara Slijepcevic won the consolation bracket of the Singles B Draw after defeating CeCe Witten (Kentucky) 9-7. Janie Nowland won the consolation bracket of the Singles C Draw by defeating Mia Elmore (Saint Louis) 8-4, while Ioana Teu won the consolation bracket of the Singles E Draw after beating Maria Toro (Saint Louis) 8-5.

Jess Heeps-Eriksen defeated Jillian Yakominich (Missouri-Kansas City) 8-1 in the finals Singles F Draw consolation bracket. Janelle Fung lost to Marina Kiefer (South Dakota) 8-0 in the finals of Singles H Draw Consolation bracket.

In doubles action Heeps-Erikson and Slijepcevic won third-place in the Doubles B Draw by defeating Brooke Urzendowski and Madeline Jolly (Saint Louis) 8-5, while Milosevska and Nowland won third-place in Doubles A Consolation Draw by defeating Amelie Amsallem and Laura Bouet (Missouri-Kansas City) 9-8 (2).

"I was really proud of Jess and Tamara, our freshman team getting third-place in their flight," Engelbrecht said. "That is great to see since they really only started playing together a couple of weeks ago."

Rong and Teu also won their match over Michelle Elkin and Alena Sergeychik (South Dakota) 8-3 in the Doubles Consolation Draw, while Howey and Fun defeated Raleigh Cowan and Andrea Wise (Nova Southeastern) 8-4 in the Doubles B Consolation Draw.

"I think this tournament was a really great tournament for us," Engelbrecht said. "This is definitely the best we have done as a team as whole since we have been coming here."

The ASU tennis team will be back in action on Oct. 7-9 when they host the ASU Invitational at Allen Park.