Subdivision in north Jonesboro wants 2nd exit built

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Residents who live in the Sage Meadows Housing development in the Northeast part of Jonesboro say they have too much traffic for only one entrance and exit.

Members of the Property Owners Association plan on attending Monday nights Jonesboro City council meeting to ask that the property owner or the city to finish another exit to the area.

Delane Hogan the spokesperson for the POA, said the original plan for the developer showed another exit, but that has never been completed. The road runs off the end of Clubhouse but turns to very narrow rough gravel before running into County Road 712.

The population of Sage Meadows just about equals the town of Brookland and residents are frustrated because all in and out traffic must move through the entrance off Highway 351.

Hogan showed me aerial photos and maps of the development, including brochures that were given to prospective lot buyers when Sage was developed 14 years ago. Those maps show Clubhouse as useable as well as the road running off Lochmoor Circle. That road ends at a vacant lot.

The property association is now hoping to force the city's original developers to get a road finished citing both emergency and practical needs for the area. '

Property that was originally part of the area was sold and now there is a good possibility that apartments may be built right up to Sage Meadows but there would be no road access to Sage residents. Hogan says they will try and stop that construction for the time being.

Hogan, "We want the city to pass a resolution that no building permits be granted until the road is finished out to Macedonia."

In other words, until the road is done, nothing gets built next to Sage Meadows in the adjacent lots.

Hogan, "The city should make the owners stand up for their responsibilities to finish this street out to where the ones that live in this area should not have to go to the front of Sage Meadows to get in and out. "

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