A career is calling at Arkansas State University

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University is hosting the first of two career fairs this week.

An "All Majors Career Fair" took place Tuesday and on Wednesday the career fair continues in the health, education and nursing fields.

Around 55 booths filled the room in the Student Union Center, and Director of the Career Management Center at Arkansas State University, Sharon Becker says these types of fairs are beneficial for both the employer and the student. "The fair allows the employer to be more visible to the university in providing opportunities and telling the students about what they do in their business and where they might be able to fit into that business in what position," Becker said.  "The student then gets a chance of exploration and job searching."

Becker says it also provides students with the opportunity to brush up on their presentation skills. "It presents them with the opportunity to meet professionals one on one. Shake their hand and introduce them and develop that professional demeanor and mannerisms."

Managing Partner of Engenious Technologies George Williams says, they signed up for the fair for the first time this year. Williams says despite the bad economy, their company's been growing and it's put them on the hunt to add employees. "Our market is expanding from fourteen states to forty-eight states, so there's a great need for good talent."

Williams says career fairs, like this one are something all business people should be a part of. "I think it's a good idea for other companies to participate in a career fair. They need to interact with other students as they're developing what their career choices are. They can get them young, while they're still in school and have internships, for example. So, they can test the water with the students and they can test the water with the company. They can figure out who they want to be and the company can figure out who they're looking for."

For more information about the Career Services Center, log onto their website.

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