The Nation's Weather

By The Associated Press
High pressure and mostly clear skies dawned over much of the Plains, South and West on Wednesday. A line of storms and rain hugged the East Coast.
Rain showers were forecast to move across the East, with the heaviest downpours over central Pennsylvania, northern New England and upstate New York.
Showers also were expected as far south as the Virginias and North Carolina. The Appalachians and West Virginia were predicted to have rain and heavy fog.
High pressure over the nation's heartland was expected to help fair and dry weather develop from the northern Plains to central Texas. Clouds were predicted to develop over the central and southern Plains, while southern Texas was forecast to have showers and thunderstorms.
Another high pressure system was building in the West, although heavy rain was expected in western Washington. Clouds and rain were forecast over Idaho and Montana.
More unsettled weather in southeastern New Mexico was feared to produce flash flooding. Thunderstorms off the southern California coast were expected to darken coastal regions in the morning.
Highs Wednesday were forecast in the 50s and 60s in New England, mid-Atlantic, Minnesota, the eastern Dakotas, the Appalachians, the Pacific Northwest, the northern Great Basin, Oregon and northern California; in the 70s along the California coast and from the Carolinas to Mississippi and the central Gulf states; and in the 80s and 90s in the central and southern Plains, Texas, Florida and the desert Southwest.
Temperatures in the Lower 48 states on Tuesday ranged from a high of 115 degrees in Imperial, Calif., to a low of 15 degrees in Alamosa, Colo.