Elementary children are emergency prepared

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Two hundred students from third through fifth grades at different Greene County schools made a special trip to Arkansas Methodist Medical Center on Wednesday, to participate in Student Safety Team Emergency Preparedness Day.

Two children from every grade were selected by their teacher to go to the hospital and learn all about emergencies. A variety of different emergency responders spoke one on one with the children.

Brent Cox with Arkansas State University says lesson like this are very important, "It is extremely important as a community, as first responders to work with our children to teach them how to respond and what to expect and what to do to keep themselves safe no matter what kind of disaster we may have."

Students like third grader Abby Stevens, says she was excited about all she was learning, "It's pretty fun learning about what's going to happen and our teacher picked two in our class that would be responsible and I'm really happy she picked me because now if something happens I can calm everybody down."

Cox says students were taught a variety of different things, "They're being taught basic CPR, how to respond to emergencies and disasters and how to assist their teachers and keep the school safe."

Cox says it's never too early to begin teaching our kids what to do. "I would encourage parents to talk to their kids about what they learned today. What they can do at home to keep themselves safe. They need to be prepared not only at school, but at home and out in public. People need to be prepared as a family for whatever disaster or emergency may strike."

The purpose of the day was not only to prepare kids for what to do in the event of an emergency, but to make them aware of what to expect when different responders arrive on the scene of an emergency when they're trying to help.

The day's events were a collaborative effort between Arkansas Methodist Medical Center and Arkansas State University.

For more information about the day's events, log onto their website.

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