Self defense tips for every woman

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - We here at Region 8 News has not been able to shake from our minds the story of the young woman at ASU who was raped in her own apartment.

So we got busy looking for ways to protect women from becoming the next victim.


A game plan is what self defense teacher Angelique Hood had when she was attacked in Memphis by a man with a gun. "I took the gun out of his hands, whacked him across the head with it and held him down on the ground, got in my car and got to go home," said Hood. On October 8th Hood will hold a self defense course open to all women of all ages. Her contact information is 901-573-9703.

  • GUN USE:

We also spoke to an AR State Police conceal carry course instructor Scott Vaughn who says it's important to always be aware of your surroundings and to be mentally prepared to use a gun. His contact information: 870-935-7155 or 870-243-1416.


Another idea for protecting yourself is to be armed with a stun gun or pepper spray. Officials with the AR Police Supply, Inc. say they are right now sold out of pepper spray because of all the recent alleged rapes. They say they should have more in soon, but their contact information is 870-935-6025.


Crime Watch Groups are a great way for women and men to protect each other. We spoke to a couple in an East Nettleton neighborhood who say there's is taking off. To learn how to start one in your area contact the Lee family at 870-530-9785.

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