ASU football game means traffic headaches

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With a huge crowd expected at this weekend's ASU-UCA football game, that will mean lots of fans from both schools will be clogging up Stadium and Johnson. The traffic will start early with tail-gaters and then the regular fans will start rolling in. Where will they all park?

Traffic on Stadium and Johnson is busy any day of the week. And since ASU has the biggest venues in town it gets the biggest crowds.

Sergeant Steve McDaniel with the Jonesboro Police Department says those streets can quickly become congested.

McDaniel, "Any time we have an event, whether it be a ball game or any type of large gathering in Jonesboro we expect there would be heavy traffic."

The ASU-UCA  game will be no exception, with Hundreds, maybe Thousands, looking for places to park. There are several lots near the football stadium. These areas will be marked off with nets and include the Convo parking lot and a reserved space area right outside the stadium.

But to get in these lots you might need a little assistance.

McDaniel, "The State Police usually work those areas around the state highway portion around the stadium. Of course the Jonesboro Police Department will be there as well as we expect the ASU Police Department."

A lot of people park on the side of the roads, and drivers will need to take some precautions.

McDaniel, "Anytime we have traffic, especially cars parked along side the road there is the chance that somebody might crossing at a place where it's dangerous."

Especially after the game is over when you are in a hurry to leave and you can't see people making the crossing in the dark or the glare of headlights.

Face it, Parking anywhere near the stadium on Saturday is going to be crazy. You have an option. You can park at a lot downtown and ride the JETS buses to the game.

It's called the Red Wolf Express and it leaves from the parking lot at Cate and Church.

JETS Director Steve Ewart said they had a very successful turnout with the Memphis game.

Ewart, " The runs will be starting at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon with runs every 30 minutes till 6:30 just before game time."

The bus drops you off and picks you up at gate 11 which is on the Northwest side of the stadium.

Ewart, "After the game we leave 20 minutes after the game and come right back down to Church and Cate."

The fare for the express is the normal charges to ride the bus. A dollar for adults, Ninety cents for students and Sixty cents for seniors.

The game will be great, but the traffic will be tough.

McDaniel, "Make sure you budget plenty of extra time to be able to get in their safely and it not be a frustrating experience for you."

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