Piggott's Annual Christmas Festival

The 5th Annual Christmas Festival was in full swing this afternoon in Piggott.

The festival is designed to encourage residents to shop in downtown business for the holidays.

((Mike Patterson/President-Chamber of Commerce: It's hard for a lot of towns to keep their business downtown, and Piggott is a lucky town because the stores that we have downtown usually stay full all the time.))

((Heather Flanigan: The Piggott community prides itself on a thriving downtown and the Christmas festival is just one way they show their appreciation.))

Events took place around the courthouse square, with free hotdogs, hot chocolate, and games for the kids and even a visit with Santa.

((Steve Lambert: We come out every year as a family. We love all of the events... walking around the court square visiting the different merchants and seeing what they have on sale and just a wonderful family day.))

Most in the area come out to the festival, but they all have their different reasons.

((Steve Lambert: It's the only reason we're out today... just to come to Piggott and see what's going on at the square.))

However, some have agendas like winning one of the many prizes given away.

((Collin Elkins: A play station two, a gameboy advance, and the gameboy advanced games without remote control truck and the money!))

((Kayla Morgan: I like to play on the slide and see who wins the prizes.))

 ((Kaitlin Morgan/Enjoying Christmas festival: I came out here to see my friends, drink some hot chocolate and eat some hotdogs.))

Chad Speer spent the day selling soybean candles, but says it's really about the community.

 ((Chad Speer/Southern Soy Scents: It helps everybody get together in our town and our community and brings everybody together and everybody gets to have a good time.))

Events for the day will close down with the Miss Crowley's Ridge Pageant tonight, but the current queen, Abby Houseworth says that Piggott's festival is positive for the community.

((Abby Houseworth/Miss Crowley's Ridge 2002-2003: Anytime you can bring a community together and have a wholeness, that's something that is all worthwhile.))

However their is one thing to be learned in Piggott, and probably the most important thing of all...

((Kayla Morgan: To have fun.))

At the Christmas festival in Piggott, I'm Heather Flanigan for K8 news.