Students are standing up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Some Region 8 students are standing up for the victim.

Weiner students are participating in the "Up Stander" program.

This is an anti bullying program that teaches students the seriousness of bullying and celebrates the person who stands up for the victim.

Weiner Counselor Carol Little says it's vital to start teaching kids as early as possible.

"I have learned by teaching what bullying is, there's so many kids that don't realize that when they tease or when they push or when they leave someone out of a group, that that's actually bullying."

Another problem is students often don't know what to do.

"So many kids are by standers," Little says. "They see bullys and kids getting bullied and they just don't know what to do and they just stand and watch. This shows you don't have to stand up to the bully. Just go stand by the victim and give the victim the power. Take it away from the bully."

This is actually the second year for this program to be implemented at Weiner school.

Carol Little, "This program is one hundred percent successful. Where we had between six to seven bullying reports a week at the beginning of the year, last year, by the end we had none. As a matter of fact, we had some students at the end of the year coming up to us complaining about the fact that they couldn't get their up stander button because there was no bullying going on!"

Little says they do a number of things in both the elementary and high school to encourage anti bully behavior.

In addition to the assembly they hold, they have an "Up Stander" wall celebrating the students who decided to stand up for the victim.

For more information about the Up Stander Program, log onto their website.

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