A local hospital offers free mammogram screenings

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's 2nd annual free mammogram screening took place on Tuesday.

This event is held in collaboration with the NEA Clinic, NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, 1st Security Bank and Ritter Communications in effort to raise awareness to breast cancer and breast cancer prevention.

Chair of Hope Week, Shanna French, says early detection is key, "It's really important for women to be screened." French said, "We know mammograms aren't something anyone's excited to do. But a mammogram can find something that you and your doctor can't up to two years earlier. So, we just wanted to bring some awareness to this today to even get people to start thinking about getting your mammogram done. If it's not here, today, then start talking to your doctor and have that conversation, get your mammogram scheduled and get that done."

Jonesboro resident Patricia White says breast cancer runs in her family.

When she heard about the mammogram screenings, she thought she should come check it out.

"I think this is such an amazing thing to do. If more companies and more businesses would do this it would be such a great thing because it is a great cause. Cancer, of any form, is such a bad disease."

White says she had her own personal scare a few years ago.

"I found some lumps several years ago that turned out to be benign. I kinda felt another one and thought it would better to come and get it checked. Cancer's a big thing in my family. We've had quite a few people that have had it."

French says they hope to inspire people to begin thinking and talking about getting screened, "Have this conversation with your daughters, have it with your mothers. We just want to bring education and awareness to people that a mammogram is an important thing to do."

White says she believes getting screened is the responsible thing to do.

"Get the exams, no matter how young or old you are. Get it done and get yourself checked. I know it's a scary thing to thing about, but it's better knowing. And with the things that are out there and the different organizations, there are things that can help you."

They gave away fifty free mammogram screenings and around three hundred goody bags that included information about breast cancer awareness and education.

For more information about the, log onto their website.

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