Greene County Tech students run for health

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Teachers at one Region 8 school are encouraging their students to live a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education Instructors at Greene County Tech in Paragould organized a "Fun Run" on Wednesday. Kindergarten through second grade students ran a mile, while third through 12th grade students ran a mile and a half.

Physical Education Instructor for Greene County Tech Elementary, Mindy Tritch, says the program is working. "It's been a great success," Tritch said. "We've taught kids that they can do this kind of stuff for a lifetime and stay healthy and there are other opportunities to do this in the community."

Tritch says being healthy affects a person in more ways than just their physical capabilities. "If we're not healthy, we can't learn. When kids are healthier, it develops brain cells and gets that blood flowing. So, this is one way to promote family wellness, health all of it in a big package is what we're all about."

Tritch says that unfortunately Arkansas seems to have a larger obesity rate than other states."Activities like this are extremely important," Tritch said. "Our obesity rate is up in the United States and in Arkansas we're one of the leading ones in childhood obesity. So, the more we can get these kids out and active the better off they are and the better off we'll be and they'll live a long, healthy life."

Tritch says one thing that can make a difference is active family time. "It's great if you can get out, as a family, and get involved. For example, our kindergarten through fifth grade has a mileage club they do. You get points for doing stuff at home, with your family. We just like for families to get involved."

Prizes were given out to the all of the first five girls and boys to finish their run.

For more information about Greene County Tech Elementary, log onto their website.

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