Pumpkin farmers seem to fair well despite of lack of rain

AUGUSTA, AR (KAIT) - If you plan on carving up a jack-o-lantern this fall, there are plenty in Region 8.

As pumpkins fly off the shelves here, other parts of the country won't be so lucky.

Pumpkin production in many states has been set back by extreme drought and even hurricanes.

But this year, Peebles Farms has been getting calls from buyers in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.

States that have all seen failing crops due to ongoing drought conditions and extreme heat.

But a local patch in Augusta has responded well to the nation-wide pumpkin shortage despite the lack of rain and near-record heat.

Katherine Peebles of Peebles Farms says thanks to irrigation, they've enjoyed successful crops for the past few years.

"Our business is doing really good this year. We're getting a lot of customers that we don't usually have. We have generally just shipped pumpkins within the state of Arkansas."

Their business has really picked up since the start of fall.

"We start transporting pumpkins to various pumpkin patches, nurseries, garden centers, roadside stands right after Labor Day."

Katey adds that planting the thirty varieties of pumpkins is a tough process that begins in June.

Some specialty crops are hand-planted while others are done by tractor.

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