The "Surprise Patrol" comes to Nettleton schools

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) --For teachers in the Nettleton school district it was a morning for surprises.  As members of the Nettleton education foundation " surprise patrol" passed out grants to teachers at their schools.

These grants to teachers were for projects that the school may not be able to fund. They could involve anything from baseball to tropical fish to reading with parents.

Nettleton Schools Superintendent James Dunivan who was part of the surprise patrol says the money comes from a variety of sources.

Dunivan, "Some donations are made in memory of different folks. Some donations are made in honor of the school or individuals. They have events with the kids, bowling events and other events in the community to all raise money and this time of year the they give the money right back to the teachers for the kids."

Jamie Stephens science class was pretty happy that their teacher had won a grant, and so was Ms. Stephens.

"Oh it means the world, it means that learning will be fun for my kids, for my students."Stephens said. Her class will be using the grant to explore rocks in many interesting ways.

Stephens' grant was one of 40 given away to Nettleton teachers. Nettleton Education  President Doug Doggett says teachers never know they are getting a grant until the first noise maker goes off.

Doggett, "So the surprised look on their face, the surprised look on the kids faces, it makes for a very exciting time cause we're giving out money!!!"

Over 14 Thousand dollars, all to be used for a variety of programs for students.

Mike Hall, a patrol member who read the grants, says he likes  the junior high grant for math and science will be using IPods.

Hall, "They are going to be using Ipods to help remediate kids who may be on the bubble of not passing end of course exams."

The surprise patrol even broke tradition and went outside to present two grants during a P. E. period.

All in all, there were some pretty happy teachers at Nettleon. This is the eleventh year for the surprise patrol grant giving.

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