Native American Association hosting pow-wow in Hardy

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - The city of Hardy and Turtle Island Native American Association of Arkansas are hosting a pow-Wow at Loberg Park in Hardy.

I asked the emcee Ken Dixon, a member of the Cherokee tribe just what the words Pow Wow meant? Dixon, "A Pow Wow is a gathering of friends where we like to share our culture our native American culture."

The three-day event started on Friday morning and will run to Sunday. This Pow Wow serves a dual purpose, to educate and to show Native American artwork and history based items for sale. Around 17 different tribes will be represented before the event is over.

Jerry Hunt who is Comanche says these public pow wows teach respect.

Hunt, "Do everything to protect Mother Earth. We teach the kids about Mother Earth and how important it is, cause all of our food comes from this earth and we have to rely on it."

And there was food of course. The dishes that every one was talking about was the fry bread. Then pile on the fixings to make an Indian taco..yummy.

Lots of arts and crafts including Indian flutes. Played in a teepee made by it's creator Jim Barton who often camps in a teepee. Barton says it is a great way to camp, very different than a regular tent.

Barton, "Sitting around visiting, playing the flute. Late at night looking up at the stars. Lotta people now a days they don't take time to look at the stars like they used to."

And then there was dancing. A large part of the Pow Wow and Native American life.

Jerry Hunt was decked out in Regalia and was getting ready to dance in the ring.

Hunt, "Our entrance is on the East side and when we come in we'll come right around the dance circle and we all dance in that manner, always. That represents the four directions and the four seasons."

Dean Smith came with his daughter Erin who attends the Imboden Charter School. They danced around the ring, Dean holding on to his daughters hand as they moved to the beat.

Smith, "It turned out to be something really awesome. It's very good yes, they can learn about native Indian culture and there's a lot to learn about it."

The Pow Wow continues through Sunday at Loberg Park in Hardy down by the river. The event begins each day at 9. On Saturday the Aztec dancers will be featured.

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