Jonesboro Budgets in the Budget

Next years city budget includes fifty thousand dollars set aside to update the city's budget and accounting software.  Current software dates back to at least the early eighties and was put in by a local jonesboro resident.  The resident has moved out of state, leaving technicians constantly changing and upgrading the old software.

City officials say they hope to bring in a system which is faster and more efficient for the city.  City Councilman Darrel Dover said, "it will be able to get information quickly to give us the ability to make changes when they need to be made."

Currently, things like making reports can require a computer technician.  Alan young, director of the city's information systems says anytime an unusual request comes in he has to pull it directly from the database.  Something he should not have to do with a new system.

The city says a new system will cost at least a qaurter million.  They hope to pay for the system over the next few years.  hoping to have the system in place, however, in a couple of months.