New Facebook changes are not so private

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Are you worried about your online reputation and information now that big changes are underway for Facebook?

Facebook has hit a nerve; that's the word from consumer groups to lawmakers to those of you who let us know. Concerns about the changes are very real.

What's the problem? People are worried that new features like the ticker and upcoming timeline cross the line, and say users are losing too much control over how their personal information is distributed. Ticker is a real-time activity feed from your friends. Meanwhile timeline, which is due out in the next few weeks, actually digs up long forgotten status updates and posts.

Now, much of the information that goes out is automated, and some users feel the company is tapping too deeply into your data.

We spoke to people in Cape Girardeau today about the changes.

"I think there is less privacy than before," said Marine Perot. "Now, it seems that we can barely choose who can see what, and everybody is sharing with everybody."

Meanwhile, lawmakers are calling for an investigation. They say the social networking site was tracking websites users visit, even after they log off their accounts.

Facebook claims it stopped the practice, but those two members of congress say it needs to be looked into anyway.


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