Police looking for suspect in swine swiping case

MALDEN, MO (KAIT) – Authorities in southeast Missouri have been investigating a theft case involving swine. According to Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder, at least two concrete pigs were stolen from a home near the airport in Malden. Two other concrete lawn decorations were stolen from the same area. Holder said the investigation into the crime is ongoing.

"It's a big Hampshire pig, painted black and white sitting on a green stump of a thing, and then a happy pig that was sitting on the columns you have at the end of the drive way," said Mona Lewis.

Lewis said her husband discovered the lawn decorations stolen when he went to work. She said it was disappointing to find her belongings missing.

"It was a pig, concrete pig sitting on that plus an eagle sitting on the other concrete column," said Lewis, who is a collector. "It was empty. It was just dead looking. Even today when we pull in the drive way, it's empty. It's just; it makes me mad every time we pull in."

Lewis is a member of a pig movement. She said she's collected 5,000 pig-related items over the last several years.

"It's called the happy pig collectors club. We're based out of Illinois. And there's probably about 130 members and we meet once a year to do our yearly meeting and stuff like that," said Lewis. "We enjoy it and the pig club makes it all worthwhile. Just a bunch of country people I guess. Some people have the more expensive pigs."

Lewis said the stolen items were worth an estimated $200.

"We haven't bought all of those pigs. People give them to us for Christmas, birthdays. It's nothing for my mother in law to give me 200 pigs on Christmas and then my birthday follows Christmas so there's another 100 pigs," said Lewis.

"There was another house down the road from us that apparently they got their concrete dog. One of the pointer dogs that has a big long tail on it," said Lewis.

Lewis said she doesn't understand why someone would steal her lawn ornaments. She also said she doesn't know who did the crime.

"I do not ever expect to see him again. And like I said earlier,  we did find out over the weekend that apparently they dropped it and broke his ear off, so he's going to be harder to get rid of," said Lewis. "Apparently there was somebody down the road from us that had a dog stolen, a concrete dog."

Lewis said the biggest lawn decoration stolen weighed at least 150 pounds.

"I never thought they would take the pigs or the eagle. Of all the things around the house, I never thought that would disappear, especially the bigger one," said Lewis.

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