Congressman Crawford visits NEA Career and Technical Center

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Congressman Rick Crawford visited students at the NEA Career and Technical Center.

The Culinary arts and food production instructor for the NEA Career and Technical Center, Brandi Fleeman, says they invited Congressman Crawford to enjoy a nice home cooked meal. "As a token of our appreciation, our culinary arts and appreciation class decided to prepare a meal for him. Showing him our talents and the abilities of what my students can do."

Fleeman says this is a big opportunity for her students. "I think this is really important and the kids really enjoy doing things like this, being able to do stuff for the community and to give back, " Fleeman said. "Not only can they use this for their class work and learn it here at the center, but also take it and apply it to their daily lives. What they can use in their home and in the environment whenever they get out on their own, going to college and preparing meals for themselves or in real world situations."

Junior Savannah Barnes says the experience was very beneficial. "I learned a lot from doing this, like the table settings and everything because I didn't really know that much about table settings. So, now I know."

Fleeman, "They've learned how to set things up banquet style and a lot of the two year students have been able to prepare and set the table and just do everything from the decorations to the food buffet style."

Senior Melanie Jackson says it was a lot of hard work, and she's glad to see done. "We learned how to set up the table, to decorate and get the menus prepared for the banquet," Jackson said. "This was all kind of nerve racking, but fun. I'm glad it's done and is something that I'll remember and talk about for years to come."

After sitting down to lunch, Congressman Crawford toured the schools facility visiting with students and staff.

For more information about the NEA Career and Technical Center, log onto their website.

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