Jonesboro purchases traffic management software. So long, congestion!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro City Council received a federal grant to purchase traffic management software to ease congestion in the major intersections of the city.

Officials have spent $95,000 of the grant on hardware and a central server that will control every traffic signal within the Jonesboro city limits within the next couple of years.

City councilman Gene Vance said the command center will synchronize signals according to the flow of traffic and time of day.  "Your Stadium corridor, your Johnson corridor, your Main Street corridor - we'll be utilizing a traffic engineer and he'll be studying basically a corridor at a time and give us the input to put into the software to get the best out of it."

The current program is a network of smaller systems that work independently of each other.

region 8 native Alex Childs said the traffic in Jonesboro is comparable bigger cities.  "It's pretty much the same even though the cities are bigger," he said.  "I think the traffic is really bad here."

The new system can control up to 100 intersections.  After initial evaluations of the program controlling approximately 80 intersections, the city council will evaluate whether more signal control is needed.

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