County Prepares for the Worst

Emergency management officials are reminding everyone to remember your four P's.  The phrase stands for people, pets, plants, and pipes.  And with winter weather looming, they say it can help you protect your possesions, keep your loved ones safe, and escape costly repairs.

Greene county is still recovering from last years december ice storms.  Officials saying dead tree limbs and other problems from the disaster still take up their time.  However, they admit the storms of a year ago have helped them prepare for the first real chance of snow accumalation for the winter months.

Experts say one way to protect pets and plants is to bring them inside.  Something daphne philips says she always does.  She says her cat sleeps under the christmas tree and a special room has been made into a temporary dog home as well.  The NE Arkansas Humane Society says if you cannot bring in your pet there are several things you can still do.  From putting hay in dog houses, to changing water frequently,  Even setting out blankets can make a big diference in the comfort of outside animals fighting the brutal cold weather.

For pipes Reeves says blankets work as well.  And for plants, experts at Southlawn say to make sure you cover them with something pourous.  Adding plastic and plastic bags generally do not make a good cover in the winter for plants.