"The Tyrant is a Prisoner"

December 14, 2003 - Posted at 10:17 a.m. CDT

BAGHDAD, IRAQ - "The tyrant is a prisoner."

Those words today from the top U.S. administrator in Iraq about the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Paul Bremer began a news conference in Baghdad by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen...we got him."  Cheers erupted in the briefing room.

Bremer calls it "a great day in Iraq's history."  And he says Iraq's future "has never been more full of hope."

Bremer and the commander of U.S. forces, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, says Saddam was caught last night in a rural farmhouse near his hometown of Tikrit, hiding in what he called a "spider hole" underground.

Sanchez says he was captured without resistance, and without a shot being fired.

Officials showed a video showing a man with unruly hair and a gray beard undergoing a medical exam.  Sanchez said the man is Saddam, and the exam found he was uninjured.

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