Region 8 hospitals helping women fight breast cancer for free

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is a woman's best chance of survival. But for many without insurance or struggling just to get by, testing might be out of reach. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, area hospitals have been doing their part to make sure those services are available to women in Region 8.

Pink pride was popping up all over the place Friday as people throughout Jonesboro jumped on the "Go Pink for the Cure" band wagon. Over the past two weeks, the medical community has caught the pink fever. From a number of free mammograms offered through NEA Baptist, to testing at the women's health fair put on by the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

Friday, St. Bernard's provided free breast exams, and mammograms for uninsured women. It's something Donna Clark says is a blessing. "It is wonderful because it's just hard to get anything done with no insurance," said Clark.

People throughout Arkansas donated money and wore pink to support "Go Pink for the Cure." The money then goes to help provide service, like these, to those who otherwise might not be able to afford it.

"I've never had a mammogram, and I just lost my grandmother to breast cancer this past April. I don't have any kind of insurance. I'm a single mom, two kids, this is a great opportunity.," said Amy Hester.

And an opportunity volunteer Jane McDaniel says can help save lives. "The chances of women getting breast cancer over her lifetime is 1 in 8," said McDaniel.

And as you become older, there's a higher risk. McDaniel has been one of those statistics. "I am a 25 year cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed one of my friends said Jane, the Lord will use you to help other women," said McDaniel.

Since then, McDaniel's done her part to give back. She says early detection is key. "Mine was diagnosed early, and when you're diagnosed early the treatment rate for success is almost 100%," said McDaniel.

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