Man found guilty of beating step-father to death with baseball bat

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) – An Oregon man has been found guiltyof murder in the beating death of his step-father.

According to Third Judicial District Prosecuting AttorneyHenry Boyce, Ike Shawndale Nunn was found guilty of first degree murder andsentenced to 40 years in prison. It took the jury 19 minutes to find himguilty.

Police say Nunn killed his step-father Cecil Phillips onWednesday October 5, 2011, by blunt force trauma with a baseball bat.

Phillips body wasn't found until Sunday October 8 afterneighbors requested police do a welfare check.

According to the arrest warrant, Nunn was the step-son ofPhillips.

Witnesses indicated they heard Nunn threatening to killanyone who testified against him during a child custody hearing on Wednesday,October 5, 2011. Witnesses also claimed to have seen Nunn drinking beer outsidePhillips residence later that afternoon.

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