Consolidation Could Affect Delta Schools

December 16, 2003 - Posted at 6:13 p.m.

ARMOREL, AR — 412 students in the Armorel school district walk the hallways proudly wearing their school colors. They call themselves the Tigers, and their history dates back to 1937. At that time, there were only 5 graduating seniors, and today there may not be enough students to keep their school doors open.

School Superintendent Chuck Hanson wants his school district to have the chance to meet standards.

"We don't mind being accountable for our scores." said Hanson.

Like Hanson, other Delta superintendents want the chance to meet standards. Yesterday a few of them testified before the House Education Committee and later held a news conference on the Capitol steps. These educators are against consolidation.

"We're doing very well in Mississippi County," said Hanson. "We're one of the top schools. This last year when the benchmark scores came out we either had the top scores in each area or we were second."

Hanson will be in Little Rock on Wednesday, but doesn't plan to testify. He is willing however to voice his opinion if needed. In fact, he's even got some suggestions of his own when it comes to the current educational crisis.

"Where we are meeting standards, let us take some of the students from schools around us that aren't meeting standards. Let's make our school a little larger. Let's help them out by taking some of their load off, and let us continue doing what we're doing," said Hanson.