Postal Workers Keep Up on Busiest Day of Year

According to a memo from the united states post office.  Wednesday December 17 will be the busiest delivery day of 2003.  Friday, December 12 was the final day the post office would gaurantee the delivery of stamp mail before Christmas.  Creating a backlog of mail needing delivered.

Locally, mail carrier Bill Tabor says he first noticed an increase in his mail volume when delivering to the downtown Jonesboro area.  He says he did not notice an increase when it came to residential mail.  Adding christmas cards, small gift boxes, and regular mail volume was up while mass mailings from businesses were drastically down.

New Jonesboro postmaster Hillrey Adams says now is a great time to also let postal workers know they are appreciated.  He says often times people give their carriers hot cocoa on extremely cold days and lemonade during the summer.  He says this makes it much easier on the carriers, but a simple pat on the back or thank you is often times just as appreciated.

According to Adams, postal workers are often times the first to notice changes to homes.  Tabor recently asked one resident on his route about the absence of his pet dog pete.  The dog had been accidently ran over but is now recovering nicely in the person's backyard.  While he is not moving as fast as he once was, Tabor says his bark is as loud as ever.