Harrisburg Delta Garden running out of storage area, expanding

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Local students are using their "green thumbs" to expand their Delta Garden by two-thirds.

Harrisburg Middle School students, teachers, and volunteers all rolled their sleeves up today to finish the Delta Garden expansion.

Garden Manager Ryan Norman says the original garden began in the late spring and is now producing so many vegetables, the garden is running out of storage area.

As "dig day" kicked off this morning, the classes took twenty-minute turns shoveling garden beds.

And you didn't have to look far to see the benefits of the students' hard work.

The original garden is still looking fresh and healthy.

The tasting station was set up just on the other side for kids to try carrots, broccoli, and cucumber yogurt.

"This one today is going to be twice as big and the kids are building it themselves. So they really get to take ownership of this one."

Ryan thanks the local engineers, because they now have a weather station and solar panels to provide energy for lights and irrigation.

Nadine Straitt is the Executive Director with the Mission for Applications of Renewable Energy for Humanity.

She thinks the Harrisburg Middle School Delta Garden is a major success.

"They're all very supportive and they're all trying to figure out what they can do from their angle to use renewable energy to teach our kids about conservation."

Not only is the delta garden 100% sustainable, Norman says it also teaches youngsters important lessons.

"They get to bridge that gap between the excitement of the outdoors and working with plants and animals with the core science information that they need."

Lessons will continue this winter after they finish building the four raised grow beds.

Salad greens, tomatoes, and peppers are all on the seed order list.

The goal of the Delta Garden Project is to teach the youth to make healthy decisions in food choices and outdoor exercise.

More info on Harrisburg Middle School's Delta Garden Project can be found here.

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