Church, volunteers take to the town to help others

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Southwest Church of Christ along with a huge number of volunteers took to the town in Jonesboro on Sunday to help others.

Church was abbreviated to allow the groups to fan out across Jonesboro and take on various projects including household repairs, sidewalk Sunday school, and more.

One of the big projects taking place on Saturday was "Sidewalk Sunday School." Members of the church stationed at 3 local parks and invited neighborhood children to come out and hear a message about God. "I think it's important to take the church to them, we just want to spread the word of god in as many ways possible," said Chris Harrell, Associate Minister at Southwest Church of Christ.

Another big project was helping people out with some repair and cleanup around their houses. At one location the group was building a wheelchair ramp for a lady who's previous ramp was in a circular shape and posed a hazard to the wheelchair falling off the ramp.

They were also helping out at the home of Lois Martillo, she also needs the assistance of a wheelchair to get around. They helped clean her backyard by mowing and removing weeds and cane that was growing. "It's an answered prayer from god," said Martillo, "a lot of help has been needed around here, the kids couldn't even play in the backyard."

Plans are also in place with the project they call "Overflow," to build a ministry center on the campus of ASU.

"Judging from talking to volunteers, this is something that is going to happen again," said Jane McDaniel, one of the organizers of the "Overflow" project. She said that she hopes this can grow and become larger year after year and they can continue to help and spread their message, "going to serve those in the community and to be the hands and feet of Jesus is exactly what we wanted to do," said McDaniel.

McDaniel also said they would like think Mayor Harold Perrin and all the non-profit groups that have helped out and make Sunday's event possible.

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