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Build your muscles without lifting weights

Our fitness expert, Basheerah Ahmad, has a way of making just about any workout look fun and easy. Today she shows us four great moves that will tone your muscles and burn mucho calories, all without using any weights or equipment.

"Now let's be honest with each other, what really keeps you from getting your workout in? Is it lack of time, or is it because you just don't have the equipment at the house?" asks Basheerah.

Here is an amazing workout with four moves that don't' require using any equipment...and they only take you less than five minutes.

"The first of our moves is called an alternating lunge," Basheerah explains. "We're going to use a step to provide a little bit more resistance, make it a little bit harder, therefore giving you more calorie-burning potential in the same amount of time."

"Move number two is the pushup. Now for some of you beginners, you can go on your knees. But for the rest of you, I want you up on those toes, because we're always trying to go to the next level. Keep your hands nice and wide, tummy tight, take your weight down to the step and push it right back up. Do two sets of 10," says Basheerah.

"Bring those hands in a little bit closer, keeping the stomach nice and tight, and we're going to do a cardio-type move because we want to elevate the heart rate, making sure we burn even more calories," she continues. "Bring your feet forward in a position called the 'mountain climber.' Reach up and tap the toe, push off the back foot and continue that way.  Do this for about 30 seconds. Trust me, the heart rate is going to go up."

"Our final move is the tricep dip, because none of us like that unsightly arm flab. We're going to turn around on our bench, and scoot the butt out. You can even take the legs out and extend it, which is more advanced or at a 90-degree angle, which is easier.

Go down, as you press your bottom toward the ground and you're going to push right up, what you want to make sure of is that you're not taking your bottom too far to where you touch the ground. Because number one you're not getting your workout, and number two you may strain the shoulder joint, so what we want to do is gently work the tricep muscle without straining it."

For more body sculpting tips from Basheerah, check out her website to the right!

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