AR Soldier on the Cover of TIME

December 22, 2003  -- Posted at 7:42 AM  CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR  --That soldier in the upper left-hand corner of Time magazine's cover today is from Arkansas.

Sergeant Marquette Whiteside of Pine Bluff and two others are featured on the of the magazine's 2003 Person of the Year issue. The magazine goes on sale today.

The three soldiers were photographed to represent the magazine's recognition of the American Soldier as its 2003 Person of the Year.

The mother of the 24-year-old Whiteside of Pine Bluff says her son was stationed in Germany when he volunteered earlier this year to go to Iraq.

Catherine Whiteside says he sometimes doesn't tell her what danger he's been in, but she knows he was in a humvee that was blown up and he also told her that a bullet whizzed past his head the day after Saddam was caught.

She says her son is a good person and always puts others before himself. Catherine Whiteside is a police officer and she says her son has complimented her for being a good example to him.

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