Two Randolph County Residents Are Arrested After Methamphetamine Bust

December 22, 2003 -- Posted at: 9:00pm

NEAR POCAHONTAS, AR -- A methamphetamine bust in Randolph County around 6 this morning pushes the number of cooking labs in Arkansas processed by state crime lab workers this year to nearly 1,300.

"We had some tips and several complaints from neighbors passing by that there was a lot of traffic in this area," said Brent Earley, Randolph County Sheriff.

Those tips lead representatives from the Sheriff's Department, Arkansas State Police, Pocahontas Police Department and the 3rd Judicial Drug Task Force to 2789 Fairview Road off of Highway Highway 62 west of Pocahontas. That's where they found Tim Young and Terri Horn asleep on the couch. Sheriff Earley said drug-related items were found in 5 of 8 rooms inside the home.

Earley added, "The lamp beside the couch had, from the heat from the lamp at the top, there was two things of coffee filters where dope was drying overnight, while he slept, so that when he woke up in the morning, it'd be ready to go."

Law enforcement officers said they found about 550 pounds of ammonia nitrate pellets, cans of gas additive and fertilizer were found, along with $5,600 and an illegal firearm cartridge.

"He probably had about 15 grams; 15 to 20 grams of methamphetamine here, but we know that he's cookin' more than that, so we believe he was probably getting low and was fixin' to get ready to cook some more, so we're glad we got him off the streets and got the drugs off the streets," explained Sheriff Earley.

Tim Young and Terri Horn will be charged with multiple felonies, because of the ingredients and finished methamphetamine product found. Brent Earley is also trying to get animal cruelty charges filed against them.

Fifteen dogs were found chained to vehicles lining the perimeter of the property. They were malnourished, dehydrated and some were injured. The dogs are being treated by a veterinarian in Pocahontas. They are expected to survive, but one may have to be euthanized, because it's too aggressive.

Tim Young and Terri Horn are scheduled to be in court Tuesday, when charges will be formally filed against them. Sheriff Brent Earley will request that no bond be set, because the suspects were out on bond for similar charges. They should make a plea in that case on January 20, 2004.