Limbaugh's Medical Records Not Private

December 23, 2003  -- Posted at 11:08 AM CDT

WEST PALM BEACH, FL --Rush Limbaugh has failed in his bid to keep his medical records secret.

A Florida judge has ruled that prosecutors can take a look at the radio host's records to determine if he should face charges related to the abuse of prescription drugs.

The judge is denying Limbaugh's request to keep the records sealed.

His lawyers had argued that the seizure of the records violated his privacy. Investigators got the records last month, after discovering that Limbaugh had received more than two thousand painkillers at a pharmacy near his Florida mansion.

They're looking into whether Limbaugh was ``doctor shopping'' ,  which means looking for a doctor willing to prescribe drugs illegally or getting prescriptions for a single drug from more than one doctor at a time.

Florida prosecutors started investigating after Limbaugh's former maid told them she had been supplying him with prescription painkillers. Limbaugh recently admitted to an addiction and entered rehab.

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